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The Mandate of the Working Group on Financing

The Working Group on Financing (WGF) is a sector-only group within the VSI whose proposed mandate is to:

  • Examine the broad question of how the voluntary sector is financed, identify issues of concern and develop strategies to enhance capacity, efficiencies, and long-term sustainability.
In order to address how the sector accesses and manages financial resources from all sources, the working group will divide its work as follows:
  • They will work within the voluntary sector to explore issues and concerns of unique interest to the sector and independently present perspectives on federal funding to Ministers.

  • They will partner with the Capacity Joint Table to form the sub-committee on financing, and will explore the broad question of how the sector is financed.

  • They will serve as a reference group to the Treasury Board Secretariat Federal Funding Study.
In the course of this work on how the sector is financed, the group will monitor the issue of who receives funding, for research and referral at a later time.



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