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Archived Requests for Funding Opportunities

RFO on Changing Funding Practices

Q: Will the contractor have access to existing documents such as the Environmental Scan?

A: Yes. Many background documents are already on the VSI website. The contractor will also be given two existing PowerPoint presentation files--one for funders and one for fundees--as well as 18 cases illustrating best practices in IM/IT in the voluntary sector. Basically, the IM/IT Secretariat is looking for an organization that will coordinate meetings between leaders of the voluntary sector and leaders of the funding community and provide support.

Q: The IM/IT Joint Table minutes of May 29, 2002, indicated that $200,000 would be allocated to the "Changing Funding Practices" deliverable. Is this the maximum amount allocated to this RFP?

A: The IM/IT Secretariat did not allocate any ceiling to this RFP, with the specific intent of encouraging competition. The $200,000 mentioned in the deliberations could serve as an indication.

Q: Is this RFP applicable to all provinces and territories?

A: Yes.

Q: Are federal departments part of the target groups that will be approached to permit IM/IT investments?

A: No. The Voluntary Sector Forum will approach federal departments in a separate project.

Q: Are the business cases available to applicants?

A: The business cases will only be available to the successful applicant.

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