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Fact sheet: Campaign Focused On Funders


One of the barriers facing voluntary organizations in acquiring technology is often the restrictions applied by some government departments and foundations to the use of funds for the acquisition of technology. Many funding bodies fail to see the investment in technology as key to efficient and effective service delivery.

Work of the IM/IT Joint Table

IM/IT Joint Table representatives initiated discussions with a number of foundations and government agencies that fund voluntary organizations. These discussions demonstrated broad awareness of the need to provide funding for investment in technology by voluntary organizations.

The IM/IT Joint Table strategy contains four elements to support increased IM/IT investment:

  • develop a business case that demonstrates the value to funding agencies;
  • develop a business case that voluntary organizations can use to support applications for funding of IM/IT investment;
  • enlist the support of governmental and foundation partners who favor the policy changes; and
  • disseminate the business case for voluntary organizations for direct use with funding agencies.
Expected Benefits of the Recommendation

Several foundations and government agencies have been working toward the recommended changes in funding practices and, in some cases, have already taken action. The Secretariat will work with Treasury Board on this issue, but it is the responsibility of senior sector representatives to convince the foundations.

A change in funding practices would result in substantial increases in available funds for IM/IT investment by voluntary sector organizations. While the total amount of funding available would not be directly affected by the change in funding practice, investing a greater share in technology would lead to more effective use of all funding. This would increase the overall capacity of voluntary organizations to deliver services.

Investment in technology not only strengthens the capacity of organizations to achieve their missions, but also provides the basis for simplified, more efficient application and reporting processes. In this way, funding agencies and voluntary organizations both benefit.

For more information, contact the IM/IT Secretariat at (613) 990-7233 or e-mail:


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Last Updated: 2006-01-12