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The Policy Internships and Fellowships (PIAF) Committee

A committee of government and voluntary sector members was struck to provide overall co-ordination for the PIAF Pilot Project, including advice on the development, implementation, and evaluation of the project. It designed the PIAF program and the Request for Proposals process. The Committee’s work ended with the completion of Phase I of the VSI.
Committee Members (VSI Phase 1)

Mary Jane Lipkin (CJT member),
Health Canada

Cathy Wright (CJT member),
Saint John Human Development Council


Paddy Bowen (CJT member),
Volunteer Canada

Jackie Claxton (CJT member)
Status of Women Canada

Mary Elizabeth Harriman,
Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada

Pegeen Walsh,
YMCA Canada

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Last Updated: 2006-01-11