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Accord Milestones

  • 12 national umbrella organizations representing a cross-section of the voluntary sector met in Ottawa as the Voluntary Sector Roundtable (VSR). The group's goals were to enhance and strengthen the relationship between the voluntary sector and the Government of Canada.


  • VSR commissions the Panel on Accountability and Governance in the Voluntary Sector, known as the Broadbent Panel, chaired by former NDP leader Ed Broadbent.


  • The Broadbent Panel's final report is issued. The report, "Building on Strength: Improving Governance and Accountability in Canada's Voluntary Sector? contains 41 recommendations directed to both the voluntary sector and the Government of Canada, with the goal of strengthening the sector's effectiveness and improving the relationship between the sector and the Government of Canada.

  • In response to the Broadbent Panel Report, voluntary sector members and federal officials meet in three groups ("joint tables") to make recommendations on sector/government relationships. Their report, released in August 1999 is called "Working Together" and contains 26 recommendations for action. These recommendations will become the agenda for the Voluntary Sector Initiative.

  • Speech from the Throne reinforces the Government of Canada's commitment to build its relationship with the voluntary sector.


  • Government of Canada announces $94.6 million in funding for the Voluntary Sector Initiative. This funding includes the development of an Accord.


  • Broad consultations take place across the country as the draft Accord is developed. Local organizations hosted consultations on the draft Accord in more than 20 communities across Canada, from Vancouver Island to Newfoundland, with three consultations north of the 60th parallel. In total, about 2000 organizations were involved in the Accord consultations

  • The Government of Canada announces $11.6 million in support to voluntary sector organizations to lead 21 pilot projects across the country that contribute to federal policy development.

  • The Government of Canada announces it will continue to allow favourable tax treatment for contributions of stocks and equities to charities.

  • The Accord is released in December


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