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Accord Fact Sheet

  • The voluntary sector and the Government of Canada share a long tradition of joining forces to achieve common goals for the benefit of all Canadians.

  • Both believe there is benefit in formalizing the relationship with an Accord to build greater mutual understanding and co-operation.

Purpose of the Accord

  • The purpose of the Accord is to strengthen the ability of both the voluntary sector and the Government of Canada to better serve Canadians.

  • While the Accord is not a legal document, it is designed to guide the evolution of the relationship by identifying common values, principles and commitments that will shape future practices.

Scope of the Accord

  • The Accord focuses on the relationship between the voluntary sector and the Government of Canada.

  • The Accord does not compel the Government of Canada and the voluntary sector to work together; rather, it will guide the relationship when they do work together.

Process Leading to an Accord

  • In June 2000, the Voluntary Sector Initiative was announced. A joint table made up of Government and voluntary sector representatives was established to develop an Accord.

  • The Joint Accord Table developed a draft Accord and broad consultations took place across Canada during the summer and fall of 2001. The idea of an Accord was well received and there was broad consensus on the values and principles presented in it.

Next Steps

  • An implementation plan for taking the Accord forward will be developed jointly by the voluntary sector and the Government of Canada for spring 2002.

Gary Evans
Joint Accord Table Secretariat
For the voluntary sector (613) 238-1591, ext. 232

Micheline Lavoie
Joint Accord Table Secretariat
For the Government of Canada (613) 992-5487

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